"Beginning Perspective" Drawing Workshop with Janet Almstadt-Davison.

4-Session Workshop runs Mar 28 to Apr 18 at Paint Creek Cider Mill

Mar 15, 2023, Oakland Township, MI - Learn to draw with depth at the "Beginning Perspective" Drawing Workshop. The workshop is taught by art teacher and fine artist, Janet Almstadt-Davison. Janet taught high school art for thirty years, which helped her appreciate all styles, subject matter, techniques and art materials. She conducts workshops, teaches students, and shows her artwork in competitions, group shows and solo shows. Her work appears in many collections in the United States. She recently illustrated the cover of the book "First You Hear Thunder" by Terry Donnelly.

Learn step-by-step instruction for one-point perspective, two-point perspective, horizon lines, vanishing lines and vanishing points. First drawings will be done in pencil and then later in the session, you will work on painting or drawing of a building from your choice of photo (magazine, calendar, or own photograph). Supplies that you will need for the first classes: drawing tablet (at least 18 x 14) or large sketch book, pencils, erasers, a ruler and a straight edge such as a yardstick.

The "Beginning Perspective" Workshop is a series of four (2-hour) classes beginning Tuesday, March 28, 4/4, 4/11, and 4/18 from 10am to Noon in the Paint Creek Cider Mill. The workshop includes all four sessions and fee $120 payable to Oakland Township. The cider mill is located at 4480 Orion Rd, in Oakland Township. Please reserve your seat by Wednesday March 22 if you would like to join. Call 248-608-6807 or email bbarber@oaklandtownship.org to register.

March 20, 2023, Oakland Township and Rochester.Life Staff

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