Rochester 100 Trees Planted Goal Exceeded!

Feb 7, 2023 - Rochester, MI - In May 2020, a newly established Rochester Tree Committee was formed and two of the major goals were to establish an annual tree report to include tree canopy coverage and allocate the annual tree fund accordingly to invest in expanding our tree canopy throughout the city.

The Tree Committee is made up of Chair and Councilmember Mark Albrecht, Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Salvia, Councilmember Steve Sage, and residents Melissa Weisse, and William Thomas. Nik Banda, City Manager, and our resident certified forester provides valuable guidance on trees to the committee.

In early 2021, the Rochester 100 program was established, with the goal of planting at least 100 trees annually in the city and in the first year exceeded that goal with 142 trees planted. We are very pleased to announce that for the 2nd year in a row, this goal was exceeded with 118 trees planted in Rochester. All funding for these and future tree planting projects comes from our Tree Fund, which generates revenue from tree permits issued, ensuring that we use these dollars to reinvest in our tree canopy.

The two major tree plantings in 2022 were the 27 trees planted along Letica Drive from Parkdale south towards Elizabeth Street, and 23 sugar maple trees near the Community Garden. The remaining trees were planted throughout the city in public areas and easements. Rochester also was designated a Tree City by Tree City USA for its ninth consecutive year.

Plans are already underway for additional locations for tree planting in 2023 and residents are encouraged to make suggestions to any member of the Rochester Tree Committee. In addition, we will celebrate Arbor Day 2023, by partnering with McGregor Elementary school for a tree planting onsite and various tree-related activities involving 3rd grade students.

Mark Albrecht, Tree Committee Chair added, “What started as an ad hoc committee has transformed into a commitment and passion for all Tree Committee members about trees and their importance to the splendor and positive environmental impact to our community for years to come.” The Tree Committee is committed to exceeding our goal of planting at least 100 trees again this year in the city.

Nik Banda, City Manager added, “With my forestry background, I enjoy applying my education and experience in working with this committee and our residents to carefully plan and plant these trees throughout our beautiful city.”

About the City of Rochester

Incorporated as a Village in 1869, the City of Rochester has pristine small town charm, beautiful natural features, and proximity to everything you need to live, work, and play.

Nestled on the eastern side of Oakland County, Rochester prides itself on being a family-oriented community that stays true to its rich history, while always keeping an eye on the future. A community of around 13,000 people across a four-square mile area.

In a recently completed City-wide survey, out of nearly 1,240 households that responded, 98% reported that the quality of life they experience here as “Excellent” or “Good”. Among the other categories that over 90% of our community recognized as outstanding features are our services provided by the City, the appearance of residential neighborhoods and downtown area, the feeling of safety in the City, and the quality and maintenance of the rivers, trails and parks in the community.


February 13, 2023, City of Rochester and Rochester.Life

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