Rochester Police Report

Rochester Police Department Summary for January 27, 2023 through February 10, 2023

Rochester Police officers handled 616 calls for service, 3 arrests, and responded to 11 traffic accidents.

28 Year-Old Drunk Driver Arrested, Was Driving Wrong Direction on Main Street!

Rochester, MI - January 28, 2023 - At 3:59am, Rochester Officer was dispatched to the area of Ludlow and University on a reckless driver that was traveling in the wrong direction of travel on Main Street. Dispatch updated officers that the responsible vehicle, Hyundai, was now driving extremely slow and was now on Ironwood Ct. Officer made the scene and observed the Hyundai backing up several times into a parking spot in front of 1027 Ironwood.

After identifying the Hyundai as the responsible vehicle, Officer performed a traffic stop in a parking spot near 1027 Ironwood. Officer made contact with the driver, and lone occupant, a 28 year-old from Washington Twp. Officer asked her for her driver's license which she provided without incident. While speaking with the driver, Officer noticed a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the interior of the vehicle and that she had blood shot eyes.

Officer had the driver perform sobriety tasks. She failed them. She was asked to take a PBT (Preliminary Breath Test) and the result was .24. She was arrested at that time for OWI and taken to the Rochester Police Department where she was given a breathalyzer. The result was .27 and .28. She was held until sober and release with a ticket for High BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration).

Reported Theft of Air Pods!

Rochester, MI - January 28, 2023 - At approximately 5pm, Rochester Officer took a Larceny report of Air pods. Victim reported that the last place she remembered using them was at the Gym; 600 block of Main. Case turned over to the Detective Bureau for further investigation.

24 Year-Old Arrested, Refused Second Breathalyzer Test

Rochester, MI - January 29, 2023 - At 2:28am, Rochester Officer was on patrol in a fully marked police vehicle S/B Walnut approaching Fourth St. Officer observed a Ford exit the west parking structure and proceed to turn S/B on Walnut, toward Fourth. As the Ford passed Fourth it swerved to the left, causing the front and rear tires to completely exit the lane of travel. Officer effected a traffic stop on the vehicle on Castell, near Frist. Officer made contact with the driver, 24 year-old male from Troy.

Officer further investigated and while speaking with the driver, Officer noticed a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the interior of the vehicle. Officer also noticed that the driver had blood shot eyes. Field sobriety tasks were done, and the driver failed them. A PBT was given, and the result was .18. He was arrested for the offense of OWI and taken to the Rochester Police Department where he was given a breathalyzer. The result was .20. The driver refused the second test and he was booked and held until sober and given a ticket for OWI, High BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration).

27 Year-Old Arrested, Driver had Warrant Out for Her Arrest, Expired License, and Cocaine in Vehicle!

Rochester, MI - February 7, 2023 - At approximately 1:55am, a Rochester officer was on patrol in the area of First and Castell. The officer observed a blue vehicle in front of him. The officer checked the vehicles registration which revealed the driver, a 27 year-old female from Rochester Hills, had an expired license as well as warrant for her arrest.

The officer stopped the vehicle and spoke with the driver. The driver admitted she knew her license was expired. The driver was arrested on her warrant. The officer located multiple pills in the vehicle not belonging to the driver as well a small amount of cocaine. The driver was transported to RPD for lodging and processing. The driver was released pending a court date.

29 Year-Old Drunk Driver Arrested, Drives Sedan Onto Curb!

Rochester, MI - February 10, 2023 - At approximately 10am, a Rochester officer was driving in the area of Ludlow and Seventh when they observed a blue sedan with its hazards lights on stopped in the road on Ludlow. The officer also observed the vehicle to have damage to the front right tire and observed noticeable damage to the curb. The officer checked on the driver, a 29-year-old male from Rochester who stated he hit the curb.

During the interaction with the driver, the officer observed signs of impairment. The driver admitted to drinking the previous evening and that he felt ok to drive. The officer conducted SFSTs (Standardized Field Sobriety Tests) which the driver did not pass. The driver was offered a PBT (Preliminary Breath Test), which yielded a result of 0.12 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration). The driver was placed under arrest and was transported to RPD for a chemical test and lodging. The driver was offered a chemical breath test which yielded a result of 0.13 BAC. The driver was lodged until sober and released with a citation and a pending court date

About this Report

This report provides a summary of arrests, incidents, events and other items of significance occurring in the City of Rochester. However, it does not include every incident reported to the Police Department. It is possible for publicity to hinder some criminal investigations. In these situations, we do not release information unless it is in the community’s best interest or we are certain it will not compromise an investigation.


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