Rochester Area State Representative Mark Tisdel Updates: Committee Assignments and Tax Relief!

Jan 13, 2023: Rep. Tisdel named vice chair of small business committee; will also serve on tax, environment panels.

State Rep. Mark Tisdel will play a key role in shaping policy on economic and environmental issues in the next two years.

Tisdel, R-Rochester Hills, was appointed Thursday to serve on three key House committees for the 2023-2024 legislative term. He will be minority vice chair for the Economic Development and Small Business Committee, and he will also serve on the Tax Policy Committee and the Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation Committee.

“I’m excited to focus on growing our economy and protecting our environment in my committee work the next two years,” Tisdel said. “As vice chair of the Economic Development and Small Business Committee, I’ll support local businesses and seek to bring careers to our state. On the Tax Policy Committee, I’ll advocate relief for Michigan families. And I’ll work to conserve our beautiful environment and precious natural resources on the Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation Committee.”

Jan 17, 2023: Rep. Tisdel says Tax cut for Michiganders expected this year.

State Rep. Mark Tisdel, who serves on the House Tax Policy Committee, on Tuesday celebrated tax relief for Michiganders that is expected this year.

Michigan’s individual income tax rate will likely be lowered based on an increase in state tax revenues.

“Tax relief may soon be on its way to Michigan families, thanks to a law spearheaded by Republicans,” said Tisdel, R-Rochester Hills. “This is welcome news for the hard-working people who feel the strains of inflation every day. With this expected income tax cut, they’ll keep more of their income to buy what they need, and I’ll work to keep the law in place so Michiganders receive necessary relief.”

Under a provision of Michigan law passed by the Republican Legislature and governor in 2015, the individual income tax rate automatically decreases if year-over-year state general fund revenues increase at a greater rate than inflation. A tax cut will likely be triggered later this year, according to estimates from state financial officers.

Jan 25, 2023: Rep. Tisdel says Governor should team up with Republicans to provide fair, swift tax relief.

State Rep. Mark Tisdel, R-Rochester Hills, on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 issued the following statement after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2023 Annual State of the State address:

“I’m dedicated to delivering tax relief for the hardworking people of Michigan dealing with inflated costs and tightened budgets. Our Republican plans are designed to secure immediate relief for working families, as well as relief for seniors that’s swift and fair. The governor praised tax relief in her speech, and she should team up with us to do this right for Michigan families.

“Of course, as the governor talked about tax relief, she conveniently skipped over the part about her vetoing multiple tax cuts for Michiganders last year. I hope Gov. Whitmer will come to the table and help us approve real tax relief for the people.”

Tisdel serves on the House Tax Policy Committee.


About State Representative Mark Tisdel

State Rep. Mark Tisdel, of Rochester Hills, represents Greater Rochester in the Michigan House of Representatives. The 55th House District, which Tisdel represents, includes the cities of Rochester and Rochester Hills and part of Oakland Township.

Representative Mark Tisdel is one of 110 Members of The Michigan House of Representatives who are elected by the qualified electors of districts having approximately 77,000 to 91,000 residents.

Representatives are elected in even-numbered years to 2-year terms. Legislative districts are drawn on the basis of population figures through the federal decennial census.

January 30, 2023, from the office of 55th District Michigan House Representative Mark A. Tisdel and Rochester.Life

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