Cranberry Lake Farm Croquet Family Tournament August 5, 2022!

Oakland Township, MI – Aug, 2022 – Croquet Anyone?

Learn everything you would want to know about the game of Croquet. The Historic District Commission has been collecting used croquet sets to have a family tourney at Cranberry Lake Farm. Learn the game, how to place the wickets, strategies, earning extra shots, and how to score. Croquet parties became more than a leisurely activity with the formation of professional clubs and tournaments - and even competitions in the 1900 Olympics. Today however, many play an informal backyard game on bumpy lawns with nine wickets.

This is a FREE, outdoor family program, yet registration is required so we know how many croquet sets to have on hand, and if you have your own set, even better. Join in if you would like to watch others play, learn the game, and listen to some music. To reserve your spot, please contact the Historic District Commission office via email or phone call: 248-608-6807 and Sadly, we will need to cancel if the weather is raining.

DATE: Friday, Aug 5, 2022

TIME: 6pm to 8pm

LOCATION: 388 W. Predmore Rd., Oakland Township REGISTRATION: RSVP required. Email or call: 248-608-6807 and

(l) Dress code is anything goes with white and light colors to traditional attire. Have fun with your outfit. (r) Old Croquet Rules Book


July 31, 2022, Oakland Township and Rochester.Life staff

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