Tree Planting Along Letica Drive Invests in Longterm Beautification of Rochester!

In May 2020, a newly established Rochester Tree Committee was formed and two of the major goals were to establish an annual tree report to include tree canopy coverage and allocate the annual tree fund accordingly to invest in expanding our tree canopy throughout the city.

The Tree Committee is made up of Chair and Councilmember Mark Albrecht, Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Salvia, Councilmember Steve Sage, and residents Melissa Weisse, and William Thomas. Nik Banda, Interim City Manager, and our resident certified forester provides valuable guidance on trees to the committee.

In early 2021, the Rochester 100 program was established, with the goal of planting at least 100 trees annually in the city, and in the first year exceeded that goal with 142 trees planted. Rochester also was designated a Tree City by Tree City USA for its eighth consecutive year.

This year has again started off strong with our annual Arbor Day tree plantings in the Municipal Park and the first of two major tree plantings. Working with Sherman’s Nursery, 27 trees were recently planted along Letica Drive from Parkdale south towards Elizabeth Street. A variety of trees were selected based on the various soil types along Letica Drive. Those trees included:

5 American Dream Swamp White Oaks

6 Exclamation Planetrees

6 Princeton Elms

5 Autumn Blaze Maples

5 Sugar Tyme Crabapples

All funding for this and future tree planting projects come from our Tree Fund, which generates revenue from tree permits issued, ensuring that we use these dollars to reinvest in our tree canopy.

Mark Albrecht, Tree Committee Chair added, “The beauty of this type of project is that we are investing in our tree canopy that delivers multiple benefits for our residents, the environment, and wildlife that will make these trees their homes. Over the years that stretch of Letica Drive will be a vibrant tapestry of colors each fall.”

Nik Banda added, “Working with Sherman’s Nursery has been a pleasure, as they selected mature established trees to plant, and installed deer guards and watering bags to support the first-year growth, with all 27 trees covered by a one-year warranty.”

Plans are also in the works for a Sugar Maple Grove to be installed near the Community Garden later in the year as we plan to again exceed our goal of planting at least 100 trees again this year in the city.


June 28, 2022, City of Rochester and Rochester.Life staff

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