Rochester Police Report

Rochester Police Department Summary for June 16, 2022 through June 20, 2022

Rochester Police officers handled 176 calls for service, made 3 arrests, and responded to 5 traffic crashes.

Motorcyclist Punches and Breaks Van Mirror!

Rochester, MI - June 16, 2022 - At 1:37pm a Rochester officer met with a Troy resident in the lobby of the Rochester Police Department in reference to a MDOP report that occurred on 6/13/2022. He stated one of his drivers, was leaving a delivery in the 600 block of Main and turned to travel southbound. In the area of 543 Main the driver changed lanes from the inside lane to the curb lane and appeared to have cut off a white male on a motorcycle. The male then passed the delivery van near the curb, while passing, the male punched the passenger side mirror of the van. The punch caused the glass to shatter and broke the mount of the mirror. The male on the motorcycle then left the scene.

Drunk Driver Arrested!

Rochester, MI - June 17, 2022 - At approximately 2:10am, Rochester officer was driving northbound on Walnut approaching Third St behind a vehicle. The vehicle had no rear taillights working on it. While driving westbound, officer observed the listed vehicle drift over the white lane lines and ride in the middle of both the curb lane and the inside lane before correcting itself. Officer initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle.

Officer made contact with the driver who was identified as a 21-year old from Waterford by his MI driver's license. While speaking with the driver, officer could smell the odor of consumed intoxicants coming from inside of the vehicle and officer could see that his eyes were bloodshot and watery in appearance. Officer asked him to exit the vehicle to perform various standardized field sobriety tasks. He failed them and took a PBT. The result was .10 BAC. He was placed under arrest for OWI and taken to the Rochester Police Department and given a breathalyzer. That result was .11 twice. He was processed and held until sober. Citation was written for OWI.

Driver Arrested with .17 Blood Alcohol Content

Rochester, MI - June 18, 2022 - At approx. 2:05am Rochester officer was traveling northbound on Walnut approaching W. Fourth, observed a vehicle exiting the West parking structure, turning right (northbound) onto Walnut. The vehicle performed the turn in a wide sweeping manor, crossing over the solid double lane marker and momentarily driving northbound in the southbound lane. Officer followed the vehicle as it continued northbound on Walnut, then turning right (eastbound) onto W. University. As the vehicle continued eastbound on W. University, now passing N. Main, it swerved to the left with the driver side tires again crossing over the solid double lane marker.

Officer effected a traffic stop on the vehicle. Officer identified the driver as a 21-year old from Rochester Hills from his Michigan license. While speaking with the driver officer could immediately smell an extremely strong odor of intoxicants emitting from inside the vehicle. Officer requested the driver to exit the vehicle for sobriety evaluations where he failed them. He was given a PBT and the result was .18%. He was arrested at that time for the offense of OWI, taken to the Rochester Police Department where he was given a breathalyzer. That result was .17 and .16. He was then processed and held until sober. Ticket written for OWI and moving violations.


June 20, 2022, City of Rochester, Oakland County Sheriff, and Rochester.Life staff

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