Tree-Plenish: Striving for Sustainability at Rochester High School

Tree-Plenish Program

Community members can support sustainable, green initiatives through the Tree-Plenish program! By purchasing and planting a $5 sapling, you can help offset school paper usage while beautifying our neighborhoods.

This initiative is led by the Rochester High School Green Club, in cooperation with the Rochester Community PTA Council Green Schools Committee. The goal is to plant 250 saplings.

Community members may choose from the following tree species options: northern red oak, sugar maple or white spruce. Saplings are $5 and must be ordered by March 30, 2022. Orders can be picked up from Rochester High School on April 30 in the parking lot at Rochester High School from 10am-2pm. This is where you will pick up the saplings that you ordered. The saplings will come in a dormant state and will basically look like a stick between 2-4 feet tall. Just plant it and watch it come to life

To place your order or learn more, click this link:


Mar 22, 2022 Rochester.Life Staff

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